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Is a Pebble Tec  finish rough?

A Pebble Tec finish is not rough; it is textured and has a "bumpy" feel. When applied properly, you can spend more time on a Pebble Tec finish than in a pool with regular plaster.

Why should I buy a Pebble Sheen finish?
You should buy a Pebble Sheen finish if you like the look and texture. A Pebble Sheen finish is a more traditional look that takes on the features of granite It does not have the same texture as Pebble Tec finish. It is a consumer preference.

Do you recommend waterline tile with a Pebble Tec finish?
This depends on the customers.  We recommend waterline tile because Pebble is meant to be under water to prevent cracking,  There are now many tiles to compliment the different colors of Pebble Tec pool finishes.

Do you recommend waterline tiles with a Pebble Sheen finish?
Yes.  The Pebble Sheen finish is  meant to be under water to prevent cracking.

Is Pebble Sheen better than Pebble Tec?
A Pebble Sheen is not better than a Pebble Tec finish; it is a different type of product.  While the applications are similar, there are some extra steps taken in the application of Pebble Sheen finish.

How many times can you acid wash a Pebble Tec/Pebble Sheen finish?
Any time you acid wash a pool coated with cementations material there is going to be some deterioration of the surface.  Because the Pebble Tec finish is pure cement and stone without calcium carbonate it will stand up to acid washes if they are done properly.

What is Pebble Fina finish?
Pebble Fina pool finish combines old world ingredients with new world technology producing a finer pool finish with smooth texture and inviting appearance. The reintroduction of silica and other natural materials into the cement mixture reinforces the durability of the finish. The addition of colorful aggregates and seashells from around the world enhances its unique beauty.

Why should I use plaster?
Plaster is a time tested product: plaster has been used as swimming pool surface coating for the past 50 years. Plaster is available in variety of colors and the experience has shown that plaster is durable surface that can stand up to the environment of proper pool water chemistry.

What is Beadcrete?
Beadcrete pool surface is the latest development in concrete pool finishes. The smoother alternative to pebble, Beadcrete contains solid, inert, glass spheres that are locked in the carefully graded aggregate matrix by polymer-modified cements.

What is Hydrazzo?
It combines naturally beautiful coarse graded crystalline and colored marble, alone with white portland cement and a variety of other performance-enhancing ingredients to create the ultimate pool coating. As a result of polishing-the final application step- this silky smooth, luxurious surface.