MP Pools


GET IN TOUCH Pool equipment is the heart of your pool. The circulation and function must operate properly to ensure excellent water conditions. Preventing the development of algae and mold. As well maintaining proper pool care. At M. Preciado Pool Plastering, Inc, we understand how pools function and we will work with you to install […]


POOL PLUMBING GET IN TOUCH An outdoor pool isn’t useful if it doesn’t have proper plumbing. The pipes bring in water to fill the pool, draw it away for filtration and cleaning, and perform similar tasks to ensure the pool water is fresh and ready for swimming. The pool plumbing system is relatively simple to […]


POOL TILE & INSTALLATION GET IN TOUCH Most pools are in-ground and made from concrete. This surface is porous and rough, and vulnerable to excessive moisture and harsh outdoor conditions. The concrete needs to be covered by plaster, or other such finishing materials or techniques to ensure the pool bottom surface is usable. Since most […]


POOL COPING REMODELING & INSTALLATION GET IN TOUCH Coping covers the top edges of the pool structure to protect the tiles and plaster. It also separates the structure from the decking, providing a smooth edge and keeping the fill water away from the deck. Coping is an essential aspect of an inground concrete pool structure […]


POOL REPLASTERING GET IN TOUCH Exposure to excessive moisture, regular use, outdoor conditions, changes in temperature and general wear can take their toll on the appearance and structural integrity of a pool. With regular maintenance and prompt repairs, you can extend the life of the pool and ensure you don’t need to replace them often. […]


POOL PLASTERING GET IN TOUCH A pool’s bottom surface is covered with a pool plaster material that ensures a water tight seal. There are different options for pool finishes to use. This material forms a barrier between the underlying concrete surface and pool water. They also have an impact on the appearance and usability of […]