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Swimming pool plumbing installation is a specialized job that requires specific knowledge about different types of plumbing equipment. These installations can suffer deterioration over time just like any other pool feature, making it necessary to opt for good quality installations.

If you need to get pool plumbing work done when remodeling your pool, you need the assurance that the technicians who handle this work have the experience and knowledge to complete it to your requirements. This is where the expertise of companies like M. Preciado Pool Plastering Inc comes into the picture.

These swimming pool plumbing contractors have handled a large number of projects for clients in and around Sylmar, Los Angeles, and Ventura, and offer similar services to customers in Santa Barbara, San Fernando, Burbank, as well as Santa Clarita. They also cater to property owners throughout Santa Monica, Pasadena, Orange County, and the surrounding areas.

An in-ground swimming pool has several plumbing components that carry out specific tasks and keep the pool functioning properly. Every component is important and should work well to ensure the water is clean and healthy; these components include:

  • Pool Drains – These drains are situated at the lowest portion of the swimming pool and constantly draw water away from it. This water gets channeled to the filter where it is purified and then released back into the swimming pool. These drainage systems are quite complex in comparison to standard bathroom or kitchen drains. They transport large quantities of water per minute and are designed to handle this volume.
  • Water Pumps – A water pump installation serves two purposes. Its suction pulls water out from the pool, channels it towards the filters and uses positive pressure to push it back into the pool.
  • Water Heater – If you plan to use your swimming pool right through the year, you require a water heater, to ensure that the water is at a comfortable temperature whenever you need it.
  • Filters & Chemical Treatment – These systems are required to ensure that the water in your pool is free of harmful microbes. There are various types of pool filters available on the market and different types of chemical treatment as well. The company that handles this job will provide you the information about the different products.

When you are getting any swimming pool plumbing done, hire a certified and insured pool remodeling company. They will have well-trained technicians that will handle the job meticulously and as per industry standards.

When you want high-grade pool plumbing services, you need the assurance that skilled and experienced contractors are handling this job. A well-established company like M. Preciado Pool Plastering Inc. would be able to provide custom services at very competitive pool plumbing cost.


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